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October 2011 Pisces Horoscope

Uphill battle

You are highly motivated early this month as enthusiastic Mars moves through demonstrative Leo and your 6th House of Work until Nov. 10. Its dynamic square to sanguine Jupiter on Oct. 3 tempts you to commit to every good idea. However, the tables are turned and you are forced to stop, get your facts straight, and rethink your strategy on Oct. 6, when rational Mercury conjuncts demanding Saturn.

The courageous Aries Full Moon on Oct. 11 fires up your 2nd House of Values, bolstering your sense of purpose and spurring you to overcome doubts you might harbor about your abilities to meet other people's expectations. The Sun-Saturn conjunction on Oct. 13 indicates that your hard work finally meets tangible success -- or you're giving serious consideration to what you're doing in life following your failure to reach a goal.

You're on an emotional roller coaster that climbs to the top when the Sun trines imaginative Neptune on Oct. 21 and plunges to the bottom when combative Mars battles with fierce Pluto on Oct. 23, the same day the Sun enters mysterious Scorpio and your 9th House of Adventure. Fortunately, a skillful sextile between just-do-it Mars and stabilizing Saturn on Oct. 26 gives you the organizational and managerial skills you need to make the most of the potent Scorpio New Moon. Additionally, the evolutionary wave of the Jupiter-Pluto trine on Oct. 28 lifts your life to new heights.

Keep in Mind this Month

You are on a threshold of major transformation ... yet you cannot rush the process. Aim high, work hard, and be patient.

Key Dates for Pisces

Oct 1 - 3: Emotional hangover

Four planets visiting your 8th House of Shared Resources reveal the current intensity of your personal and business relationships. You struggle to acknowledge an opportunity without being blindly optimistic when the Sun in your 8th house forms a destabilizing quincunx with overconfident Jupiter on Oct. 1. Red-hot Mars squares Jupiter on Oct. 3, inflating your hopes beyond your capability to manifest them. Practicing moderation now can prevent a serious headache in a few days.


Oct 25 - 28: Whatever it takes

You can see beyond the present moment as the Scorpio New Moon emphasizes your 9th House of Future Vision on Oct. 26. You are hopeful for what's ahead, yet harsh aspects from Venus and Mercury to powerhouse Pluto in your 11th House of Community from Oct. 25 - 26 and to militant Mars in your 6th House of Habits from Oct. 26 - 28 test your ability to maintain your long-term goals while facing resistance from friends and workmates. Nevertheless, you won't be deterred now -- opportunistic Jupiter synchronizes with profound Pluto in a long-lasting trine that's exact on Oct. 28, motivating you toward greater success than ever before.