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February 2012 Sagittarius Horoscope

Home improvement

This starts off as a very busy month, yet your professional progress may be hampered with so much happening in your personal life. Enterprising Mars continues his extended visit to your 10th House of Career and Community, and activities outside the home increase the demands on your time. But the angry red planet is retrograde until April 13, slowing down everything and forcing you to rework your plans in response to the shifting circumstances.

Meanwhile, Mercury the Communicator and the Sun are traveling through your 3rd House of Immediate Environment until Feb. 13 and Feb. 19, respectively, drawing your attention closer to home with matters involving siblings, good friends, and the ongoing activities of your everyday life. Spiritual Neptune's entry into sensitive Pisces on Feb. 3 is a subtle yet significant shift, for it now remains in your 4th House of Roots for 13 years, inviting you to seek solace from the world through your home and family.

The lively Leo Full Moon on Feb. 7 lights up your 9th House of Higher Thought and Faraway Places, encouraging you to actively pursue your dreams. The compassionate Pisces New Moon on Feb. 21 joins sympathetic Neptune and healer Chiron in your 4th house, making this an excellent time to forgive a relative, cleanse an old emotional wound or mend a domestic squabble.

Keep in Mind this Month
It's not enough to imagine that your life will improve. You must also make concrete plans and begin to put them into action.

Key Dates for Sagittarius

Feb. 1: No More Drama
If someone at work disagrees with your approach, losing your temper isn't the smartest way to handle your frustration. You may think you're being nice, but forceful Mars is retrograde in your 10th House of Public Life, and a challenging aspect from sarcastic Mercury can provoke critical words that hurt rather than help. Additionally, pleasant Venus opposes Mars from your 4th House of Security, suggesting that you may not have the kind of support from your family that you want. Instead of escalating conflict, channel your emotions to fuel your productivity.

Feb. 7 - 11: Off the Hook
You speak with clarity on Feb. 7 -- when the Sun's conjunction with mental Mercury occurs in your 3rd House of Communication -- although the dramatic Leo Full Moon tempts you to embellish your message for extra attention. But you may feel underappreciated since lovable Venus forms an irritating quincunx with judgmental Saturn the same day. Luckily, Venus prances into uncontainable Aries and your 5th House of Romance on Feb. 8, warming others to your straightforward behavior. An electric Venus-Uranus conjunction on Feb. 9 fuels your creativity with excitement, encouraging experimentation and innovation. You're challenged to manage your energy, however, because Mercury and the Sun form uneasy aspects with impatient Mars on Feb. 9 and 10. Fortunately, the Sun's creative quintile to goodhearted Jupiter on Feb. 11 allows your sense of humor to put a positive spin on an awkward situation.