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June 2012 Sagittarius Horoscope

At the edge of change

Your partnerships are less stable -- yet also quite exciting -- as Venus in fickle Gemini retrogrades through your 7th House of Others. The inspirational Sagittarius Full Moon Eclipse on June 4 floods your 1st House of Self with big ideas that you want to share with someone special. It's a good idea to talk with your partner or a person you can trust while logical Mercury is in your 7th House of Others until June 7. The Sun's presence here, until the Summer Solstice on June 20, encourages your proactive involvement in business or personal relationships; it may also motivate you to clarify the purpose of an existing partnership.

On June 11, your ruling planet, Jupiter, joins the party as it shifts into your interactive 7th House of Others for a yearlong visit, increasing the influence of others on your life. One-to-one encounters of all types can bring new possibilities, but Gemini's diversity can also be distracting. Establishing limits prevents you from scattering your energy and wasting time. The jittery Gemini New Moon on June 19 amplifies your restlessness, so make sure that change is what you truly desire before you jump into something new.

Your dreams prod you to act when visionary Jupiter moves toward a square to otherworldly Neptune that's exact on June 25. It's not enough to have big ideas; your challenge is to manifest them into reality and demonstrate that you're not as impractical as you may seem. You could get caught up in a social movement or the need to make sweeping changes in your love life as unstable Uranus in your 5th House of Self-Expression squares formidable Pluto on June 24, the first occurrence of a series that finishes in 2015.

Keep in Mind this Month
Nearly everyone who enters your life at this time has something to teach you, but it's up to you to discover exactly what it is.

Key Dates for Sagittarius

June 1-5: We Can Work It Out
You may find yourself returning to a previously unfinished conversation about your romantic desires when talkative Mercury in your 7th House of Partnerships joins enchanting Venus on June 1, and forms a magical quintile with surprising Uranus in your 5th House of Love and Creativity on June 2. But a sobering Mercury-Saturn trine on June 3 turns a lighthearted discussion into a serious one. Your emotions rush to the surface as a Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse on June 4 sets your needs apart from someone else's. Although the cosmic lovers, Venus and Mars, are in an argumentative square, a Sun-Venus conjunction on June 5 indicates a happy outcome if you can control your temper.

June 27-29: No Turning Back
Relationship plans that have been on hold can now move forward again as resourceful Venus turns direct on June 27 to untie you from your past. And although you have grand plans with intellectual Mercury in your 9th House of Big Ideas, they are inflated even more by Mercury's slick sextile to exaggerating Jupiter on June 29. Unfortunately, you could face steep resistance when the Sun opposes unyielding Pluto. Nevertheless, the Sun's dynamic square to ingenious Uranus indicates that your tenacity could pay off suddenly with an unexpected breakthrough at the last minute.