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April 2012 Scorpio Horoscope

Shifting gears

In some ways, you might feel as if your new year is finally starting this month. Your energetic ruling planet Mars turns forward on April 13 after chugging along in reverse since January 23. This has acted as a brake on your progress, especially involving relationships with friends and colleagues. Mars' retrograde cycle in your 11th House of Groups may have reconnected you with old pals and professional allies, but it was a real source of frustration as you tried to get new projects or partnerships off the ground.

Another push in a positive direction comes from Mercury, which turns direct in your 5th House of Self-Expression on April 4. This communicative planet stopped in your 6th House of Employment on March 12, reminding you to reconsider tasks you might have taken on without serious reflection. Mercury's turnabout in your 5th House helps to inspire creativity that should make your current job more interesting or motivate you to seek another line of work.

Old dreams and vague memories come to life with the observant Libra Full Moon in your 12th House of Secrets on April 6. It's as if you're awakened to a new state of consciousness that helps you find inner peace to balance the pressures of your daily life. The Sun's entry into stable, sensual Taurus and your 7th House of Partners on April 19 opens the way to more collaborative relationships. You are likely to attract reliable individuals and to be more at ease presenting yourself and your ideas to others. The Taurus New Moon on April 21 underscores the value of simplicity and steadiness as pillars to building enduring alliances.

Keep in Mind this Month
Practical people may not arouse the passion you crave, but they can be essential for your financial and emotional security.

Key Dates for Scorpio

April 7 -8: Play Ball
A sexy, sassy square between Venus in flirtatious Gemini and Mars in earthy Virgo adds spice to your personal life on April 7 -- but be careful to distinguish between teasing and a real yearning for intimacy to avoid a social indiscretion. Aggression can arise on April 8 with a stressful Sun-Mars sesquisquare. Apply the intensity you feel to a physically invigorating activity rather than getting angry or becoming overly competitive.

April 20 - 23: Dare to be Different
Caustic comments spurred by a Mercury-Mars quincunx on April 20 add an edge to this normally cuddly Taurus time of year. Yet maybe it's helpful to expose the rough spots of conflicting perspectives so that you can discuss them reasonably, with the support of a healthy trine from Mercury to the Moon's North Node on April 21. This is also the day of the Taurus New Moon, which is sweetened with a sensitive sextile from compassionate Neptune. Even if your intentions are good, a high-frequency Mercury-Uranus conjunction on April 22 throws verbal lightning bolts and illuminates your mind with new ideas. Yet the weirdest concepts may prove useful when the confident Sun-Mars trine brings encouragement and support from capable buddies on April 23.