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January 2012 Scorpio Horoscope

Master of your destiny

Gathering information and making connections are your primary activities for the first part of the month with planets whizzing through your 3rd House of Communication. The ambitious Capricorn Sun lingers here until Jan. 20, which can raise your status when you present your thoughts in a well-organized manner. Verbose Mercury speaks with conviction when it enters earthy Capricorn on Jan. 8 to ground your thinking and clarify your ideas.

The importance of education is underscored by the Cancer Full Moon's presence in your 9th House of Higher Learning on Jan. 9. If you're feeling insecure about a lack of academic accomplishments, don't discount the value of what you've been taught by your life experiences.

The sweet pleasures of love and play entice you when desirable Venus swims into dreamy Pisces and your 5th House of Romance on Jan. 14. The magic of attraction happens when you are less focused on a goal and simply open yourself up to enjoy whatever or whoever comes your way.

On Jan. 23, the New Moon in innovative Aquarius falls in your 4th House of Security, revealing an unconventional perspective on family matters. Its squares to career-defining Jupiter and Saturn could bring challenges that alter your long-term professional plans. However, the retrograde turn of your traditional ruling planet Mars on Jan. 23 occurs in your 11th House of Community. It's time to step back and straighten out unresolved issues with friends or colleagues so you can feel free enough to forge ahead when it turns direct on April 13.

Keep in Mind this Month
Think and speak slowly to give a seamless presentation that will take your listeners exactly where you want them to go.

Key Dates for Scorpio

Jan. 1: Be bright, don't fight
Be ready to think fast and act quickly on Jan. 1 when agile Mercury forms a stressful square with combative Mars. Be careful, for it's all too easy to waste this overheated but intelligent energy on frustration or resentment. Stop talking, get busy, and put your bold ideas into action.

Jan. 7 - 9: Return to the source
Relationships turn edgy on Jan. 7 as normally accommodating Venus runs into annoying aspects with impatient Mars and unrelenting Pluto. Your task is to make quick adjustments to work around distractions, and then focus attention where your passion is the greatest. Thankfully, Mercury's shift into traditional Capricorn on Jan. 8 does not limit your thinking to the practical concerns of this orderly sign, because the messenger planet's contacts with visionary Jupiter and irreverent Uranus spring surprises that take your mind far past ordinary logic to conjure up brilliant out-of-the-box ideas. The diverse paths of perception come together on Jan. 9 as the watery Cancer Full Moon blends them with an emotional certainty that washes away worries and allows your feelings to guide your direction.