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May 2012 Scorpio Horoscope

On the fence

Relationships keep your head spinning this month as you experience conflicting urges to get closer and to pull away from those around you. Whether it's your fluctuating desires or inconsistent messages from partners, these changes in your personal life will flow more easily if you're flexible.

On May 5, the Full Moon in passionate Scorpio can bring your emotions to a boil and you may feel forced to make an important decision. The intensity of the Moon in your sign should leave little doubt about your needs, yet even if you know that it's time to cut the cord with someone, exaggerating Jupiter in your 7th House of Partners opposing the Full Moon tempts you to overestimate the value of his or her role in your life. However, perceptive Mercury's entry into back-to-basics Taurus and your 7th House on May 9 should clarify your thoughts about your personal and professional connections.

Romantic Venus turns retrograde in your intimate 8th House on May 15 to put another twist into this tale. Your resolve may weaken because you need more time to come to terms with a complicated partnership issue. Magnetic Venus can pull you back into a relationship that you were ready to leave as you review and reconsider your options until the love planet turns direct on June 27.

You may experience uncharacteristic confusion about alliances with the fickle Gemini Solar Eclipse in your 8th House of Deep Sharing on May 20. This powerful New Moon Eclipse forms a tense square with whimsical Neptune, tempting you with fantasies that are belied by facts. Fortunately, this tender alignment may also encourage forgiveness that salves old partnership wounds.

Keep in Mind this Month
Forcing a resolution to an emotional matter may not provide the relief you seek. Let your intuition tell you when it's time to act.

Key Dates for Scorpio

May 5-8: Trust Your Gut
Taking a stand gives you back control of your life with the Scorpio Full Moon falling in your 1st House of Personality on May 5. Noticing what you're lacking in yourself or in a relationship leads to constructive action if it's matched with equal recognition of your abilities. The excitement of a new vision for your future can be amplified by a nervous semisquare between philosophical Jupiter and inventive Uranus on May 7. Yet if an ally suddenly changes his or her mind, the trust you have in each other may be shaken. Colleagues and friends could also surprise you when brazen Mars in your 11th House of Groups makes an unstable quincunx with unpredictable Uranus on May 8, but exploring alternative ways to work together could produce unusual shortcuts.

May 13-16: Persistence Pays
You're able to present big ideas in a practical form that makes them very appealing on May 13 thanks to an optimistic Sun-Jupiter conjunction in your 7th House. Clever Mercury forms a productive Grand Earth Trine with enthusiastic Mars on May 13 and incisive Pluto on May 14. You can cut to the core of a complex issue, analyze it effectively, and quickly move toward a solution. Still, even the best ideas and intentions can draw resistance when a Sun-Pluto sesquisquare on May 14 undermines self-confidence and provokes a power struggle. Progress within a group may be slowed when Mars makes an uncooperative aspect with immobile Saturn on the 15th before your competitive edge is sharpened and your leadership skills shine from the energetic boost you receive from a Mars-Pluto trine on May 16.