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November 2011 Scorpio Horoscope

Back to basics

Planting your feet firmly on the ground will help you cope this month while your head is, at times, floating in the clouds. It all starts when mental Mercury in your 1st House of Personality squares nebulous Neptune on Nov. 1, sweeping you up into an unrealistic fantasy about how others see you. Venus and Mercury both enter philosophical Sagittarius on Nov. 2, aiming your heart and mind at distant goals and faraway lands. Your avoidance of reality is re-emphasized when macho Mars opposes Neptune on Nov. 7, enabling you to mislead yourself and others. The practical Taurus Full Moon on Nov. 10 lights up your 7th House of Partners, providing reliable assistance from others if you make your needs known.

The waning connection between limitless Jupiter and tireless Pluto is given a boost by motivating Mars as it activates a dependable Grand Earth Trine Nov. 16 - 23. Having good intentions is not enough now; put your ideas into action and work diligently toward your long-term goals.

Do what you can to increase your income when the Sun enters visionary Sagittarius and your 2nd House of Self-Worth on Nov. 22. Your persistence will ultimately be rewarded, but it may take longer than you expect as messenger Mercury slows to turn retrograde on Nov. 24. The Sagittarius New Moon on Nov. 25 is a Solar Eclipse in your 2nd house and can raise self-doubts if your plans aren't proceeding according to your schedule.

Keep in Mind this Month
There's magic at work that can create an enduring cycle of prosperity if you're willing to put in extra effort without expecting an immediate payoff.

Key Dates for Scorpio

Nov. 2 - 5: Cool Your Jets
Mercury the Communicator and Venus the Lover are cosmic traveling partners as they fly into the open skies of boundless Sagittarius on Nov. 2. You're inundated with new ideas and ingenious solutions to everyday problems on Nov. 3 while this easygoing planetary pair creates a thrilling trine with unconventional Uranus in your 6th House of Routine. But on Nov. 5, uncomfortable aspects to extravagant Jupiter in your 7th House of Relationships suggest that you pace yourself. You may need to scale back your enthusiasm so you don't scare off a potential ally with your inflated sense of urgency.

Nov. 23 - 27: Rock and Roll
Powerful forces drive you forward as your two key planets, impulsive Mars and compulsive Pluto, blend their energies on Nov. 23 -- the same day as an awareness-producing trine between the Sun and brilliant Uranus. You may feel overwhelmed as complex cosmic currents swirl around you. Interactive Mercury turns retrograde on Nov. 24, followed by a Sagittarius New Moon Eclipse on Nov. 25, spinning you around with an intensity that might be a bit much even for you. You may attempt to take control and put things back into order when Venus enters conservative Capricorn on Nov. 26, but her square to wild Uranus suggests continued instability. Luckily, lovely Venus trines auspicious Jupiter on Nov. 27, turning this thrilling ride into one with a wonderful outcome.