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October 2011 Scorpio Horoscope

Return to power

Relationships require more of your time this month as planets shift into your 1st House of Self to oppose generous Jupiter in your 7th House of Others. An enthusiastic Mars-Jupiter square on Oct. 3 could temporarily place you in the spotlight, but messenger Mercury conjuncts wise Saturn on Oct. 6, advising you to say less instead of more.

You find it easier to be around others once popular Venus enters magnetic Scorpio and your 1st house on Oct. 9, followed by Mercury on Oct. 13. Your confidence grows and a twinkle appears in your eye as enchanting Venus opposes jaunty Jupiter on Oct. 14, and this positive shift in your attitude continues when gregarious Mercury opposes Jupiter on Oct. 17.

The Sun's return to Scorpio on Oct. 23, followed by its opposition to Jupiter on Oct. 28, is another sign that your world is expanding and opportunities are ripe for the picking. The intense Scorpio New Moon on Oct. 26 may be the best time to plant your seeds of intention, for it also captures the ambition, strength and determination of Jupiter's long-term trine to fierce Pluto on Oct. 28 -- the second in a series that began on July 7 and concludes on March 13, 2012.

Keep in Mind this Month

Starting a major project may be wise when you're feeling good about yourself, but don't let overconfidence trick you into taking on more than you can handle.

Key Dates for Scorpio


Oct 10 - 13: Break the cycle

You may feel wired on Oct. 10 when romantic Venus is zapped by electric Uranus. You're eager to please and quick to say yes when it would be wiser to consider your own feelings first. The Full Moon in uncontainable Aries on Oct. 11 occurs in your 6th House of Habits, tempting you to follow your instincts and break free from old patterns. You can learn from your past behavior as the Full Moon opposes the Sun and Saturn in your 12th House of Destiny. The Sun's conjunction with karmic Saturn is exact on Oct. 13, giving you time to make a smart decision based on logic rather than what you feel in the moment. Mercury's entry into incisive Scorpio, also on Oct. 13, adds another layer of depth to your thought process.

Oct 26 - 28: Waves of change

The New Moon in your sign on Oct. 26 heralds an annual cycle of development. Yes, you're stressed as feisty Mars squares loving Venus on Oct. 26th and logical Mercury on Oct., yet good fortune is all but assured. Decide where you're going, for powerful waves can now carry you toward your goals as propitious Jupiter aspects potent Pluto and the willful Sun.