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April 2012 Taurus Horoscope

Bright and shiny future

April is always special because it's the month the Sun enters your sweet and sensual sign. This planetary changing of the guard occurs on April 19, when you step out of the shadows and into the light of a fresh cycle of growth and change.

Your momentum gets an extra injection of fuel when energetic Mars turns direct on April 13, ending a lethargic retrograde period that began on January 23. Your initiative was impeded while Mars marched backward in your 5th House of Love and Creativity, forcing you to retreat, reevaluate your current situation, and then make new plans. Now a freer flow of feelings and self-expression empowers you to put your ideas into action as Mars starts pushing ahead again.

A more flexible attitude could get money moving more easily when Venus enters adaptable Gemini and your 2nd House of Income on April 3. Revelations about work can arise during the Libra Full Moon in your 6th House of Employment on April 6. If frustration tempts you to flee from responsibility, this lunation is a reminder to keep your options open. Continue to engage in discussions that can pacify an unpleasant situation or lead to a new job.

The New Moon in Taurus on April 21 supplies you with another shot of energy. It harmonizes with Mars in efficient Virgo and idealistic Neptune, combining imagination and application to help you turn dreams into reality. Even petulant Pluto lends a hand with a precise trine to the New Moon, providing focus and resourcefulness to maximize the return on your efforts.

Keep in Mind this Month
Holding on to the past for no reason is useless, but investing new energy in old projects or love affairs can give them fresh life.

Key Dates for Taurus

April 5 - 7: The Art of Seduction
You could lose touch with reality and be cheated in financial matters or a relationship when evaluative Venus and the Sun form stressful aspects with dreamy Neptune on April 5-6. It's fine to fantasize about love and money as long as you don't make decisions based more on hope than reality. Do your best to be bold without being foolish on April 7, as an edgy Venus-Mars square stirs your libido and spices up your personality. Knowing when to push and when to back off is essential for managing both personal and professional partnerships.

April 19 - 21: Invest in Your Future
Doors of opportunity open with the expressive Sun's entry into practical Taurus on April 19. It's up to you, though, to walk through them confidently and competently if you want to find the rewards you're seeking. Mastering details could make all the difference; don't try to get by on charm or good looks when hard work is the true key to success. The Taurus New Moon on April 21 points the way to talents and assets that you aren't fully exploiting. It doesn't matter how gifted you are if you don't apply yourself with a growing sense of purpose.