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August 2012 Taurus Horoscope

Step up to the plate

It pays to act boldly this month, because the confident Leo Sun is lighting up your 4th House of Foundations until August 22. Use your creativity to kick up your cash flow when prosperous Jupiter in your 2nd House of Income forms a supportive trine with the ingenious Aquarius Full Moon on August 1. Another signal for pushing ahead comes on August 8, when communicative Mercury turns direct in your 5th House of Self-Expression. The ideas that you've been turning over in your mind are ready to be shared.

Active Mars conjuncts sobering Saturn in your 6th House of Work on August 15, enlightening you with a clear picture of how much effort is required to manage your ongoing tasks. If you can dig in with renewed passion and discipline, staying in your current position makes sense. But if you're facing insurmountable obstacles and continuing frustration at your current place of employment, this is a good time to reassess your options.

You enjoy an ideal balance of enthusiasm and skill on August 17, when the Leo New Moon forms supportive sextiles to reliable Saturn and energetic Mars. Refining techniques, developing new systems, or getting additional training will provide you the tools you need to give substance to your clever concepts.

The Sun's entry into productive Virgo and your outgoing 5th House on August 22 is another reminder of the creative potential available to you now. Mars dives into watery Scorpio and your 7th House of Others on August 23, challenging you with competitive individuals or prodding you to take the lead in your relationships. On August 31, the compassionate Pisces Full Moon in your 11th House of Friends conjuncts healing Chiron to reveal how forgiveness can deepen the bonds between you and others.

Keep in Mind this Month
Your future is not limited to the world you see around you. Drawing from a deep well of imagination expands your vision beyond your current horizons.

Key Dates for Taurus

August 7-9: Picnic in the Park
Venus sidles into caring Cancer and your 3rd House of Communication on August 7 to initiate more intimate conversations. Closeness grows when you listen with real concern for someone else's well-being and share your needs in a safe, appropriate environment. Mercury's direct turn on August 8 also opens the way to new discussions or gets interrupted exchanges back on track, especially when the subjects are creativity, family, or matters of the heart. Romantic feelings and daydreams of love are welcomed on August 9 by a mesmerizing Venus-Neptune trine. The sensual Taurus Moon sweetens the atmosphere, so make sure to set aside some time to taste the delights of good company, fine food, music, art, or nature.

August 15-16: Groundbreaking News
Everyone's nerves are on edge when tender Venus in Cancer opposes domineering Pluto on August 15 and squares jumpy Uranus on August 16. Secrets may surface that rock relationships, yet tapping into a deeper level of truth can also wipe away illusion to get a clearer view of real issues. A demanding Mars-Saturn conjunction on August 15 could pile on pressure at work, as well. It's wise to avoid making any sudden moves on the job or at home until the emotional ground you're standing on stops shaking. Meanwhile, managing routine tasks provides a sense of purpose until you figure out the bigger issues related to love and money that are being revealed now.