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December 2011 Taurus Horoscope

Don't look back

This month begins and ends with great intensity as you push up against the edge of significant changes. On Dec. 1 your ruling planet, Venus, joins Pluto, the planet of relentless transformation, revealing powerful emotional undercurrents that prevent you from simply enjoying yourself day-to-day. You might not be eager to dive into the depths of passion, but on Dec. 29, it's the Sun's turn to visit the murky watery realms of Pluto, shining the healing light of awareness into the darkness of your fears. Both of these intense conjunctions are insistent wake-up calls, reminding you that holding on to the status quo isn't a smart choice now.

The restless Gemini Full Moon Eclipse on Dec. 10 falls in your 2nd House of Values, revealing how important it is to re-examine and modify your core beliefs in the light of fluctuating circumstances. Luckily, cerebral Mercury completes its retrograde period on Dec. 13, giving you more reasons to look ahead and not behind. The Winter Solstice on Dec. 22 is a turning point, yet the Sun's entry into your 9th House of Future Vision helps you adjust to the upcoming changes. On Dec. 24, the traditional Capricorn New Moon in your 9th house marks a serious shift in your perspective that can help you find a stable place to stand as you plan for the year ahead.

Keep in Mind this Month
Financial independence won't buy you any additional security now. Real stability will come from aligning your life with your heart.

Key Dates for Taurus

Dec. 1 - 5: All's Well that Ends Well
Although you may try to be pragmatic, your life can become complicated when you're struggling with desires that don't fit into your current situation. The turbulent Venus-Pluto conjunction on Dec. 1 is tough to integrate because it can raise fears about love, especially if you aren't expressing your true feelings. Feisty Mars' argumentative squares to the Sun on Dec. 2 and quarrelsome Mercury on Dec. 4 add heat to any discussion and can trigger unnecessary conflict. Luckily, peace and harmony are restored when charming Venus makes a calming trine to Mars on Dec. 5.

Dec. 10 - 13: For What it's Worth
Your level of self-esteem plays an important role now in determining your earning power as the cunning Gemini Full Moon is eclipsed in your 2nd House of Self-Worth on Dec. 10. This Lunar Eclipse is opposite the outgoing Sagittarius Sun in your 8th House of Shared Resources, revealing the intimate relationship between the value you place on yourself and what people are willing to pay you. Venus in your 9th House of Big Ideas creates a magical quintile with unorthodox Uranus on Dec. 11, inspiring radical solutions that let you increase your income. Mercury's direct turn on Dec. 13 indicates that the waiting period is over; it's time to turn your plans into reality.