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February 2012 Taurus Horoscope

Parallel universes

Two contrasting trends this month make your life very interesting ... and somewhat complicated. First, a softening cycle starts when spiritual Neptune leads a trio of planets into its home sign, Pisces, on Feb. 3. This is a very long wave of increased sensitivity that will ebb and flow in the background during Neptune's 13-year stay in this sign. However, you begin to feel the effects quickly with perceptive Mercury's shift into empathetic Pisces on Feb. 13, and conjunction with Neptune in your 11th House of Groups on Feb. 14. The Sun follows suit on Feb. 19 to deepen your sense of compassion and encourage greater participation in altruistic organizations. You can be a charismatic leader or fall under the spell of a charming charlatan. Apply some good old Taurus common sense to temper fantasy with reality.

The dualistic nature of the month also leaves you managing urgent desires for love, pleasure and approval that are triggered when Venus leaps into reckless Aries on Feb. 8 and joins spontaneous Uranus on Feb. 9. These transits are in your 12th House of Secrets, stimulating forbidden desires that can lock you in a hidden world of shame or liberate you to enjoy unconventional forms of pleasure. Responsible Saturn's retrograde turn on Feb. 7 is a key factor in managing the spiritual and erotic influences pervasive this month.

Keep in Mind this Month
Recognizing the difference between a passing fancy and a deeply held need will simplify the complex choices you're facing now.

Key Dates for Taurus

Feb. 7 - 9: Destination Unknown
This is a "stop, go, don't go so fast" few days as tempting Venus arouses a range of emotions that can shake up your personal circumstances. A testy quincunx with curmudgeonly Saturn on Feb. 7 may leave you feeling underappreciated. Hurdles lie between you and your object of desire that could undercut your self-confidence despite the spotlight of the proud Leo Full Moon. On Feb. 8, Venus fires into restless Aries, inciting a quick change of perspective that cools interest in the past while inflaming new desires. Venus' conjunction with revolutionary Uranus on Feb. 9 is like a lightning bolt out of the blue that marks a breakthrough in relationship or self-worth issues. Unexpected news could catch you off guard yet suddenly reveal different ways to experience pleasure and demonstrate your worth.

Feb. 15 - 18: Out of the Shadows
Secrets may surface on Feb. 15 as Venus squares suspicious Pluto. It can be tough to trust others when feelings of betrayal arise. Still, this is more about digging deeply within yourself than being manipulated by others. An honest assessment of your wants and talents will show what you need to eliminate and where you have to work harder to achieve satisfaction. An over-the-top Mars-Jupiter aspect infuses you with energy that can explode in anger if you don't have a creative or physical outlet for it. Happily, a comforting trine between the Sun and trustworthy Saturn in your 7th House of Partners puts relationships on more solid ground on Feb. 18 when reason and cooperation overcome conflict.