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July 2012 Taurus Horoscope

Ride the wave

Staying cool is your key to navigating through the churning planetary waters this month. You will be pushed out of your comfort zone more than once, and being proactive about how you react is more important than simply trying to enforce your will on others. Mars, the planet of action, enters diplomatic Libra and your 6th House of Self-Improvement on July 3. A soft touch and willingness to compromise will allow you to maintain tranquility.

The Capricorn Full Moon, also on July 3, is an intense event given provocative Pluto's conjunction to this otherwise orderly Moon. Erratic Uranus's challenging square to the Sun-Moon opposition signals sudden changes ahead. Trying to stand your ground could be a recipe for disaster, while jumping on an unexpected chance to travel or further your education can dramatically expand your horizons.

Messenger Mercury begins its three-week retrograde cycle on July 14, giving you even more reason to be as flexible as possible. Mercury retrogrades in your 4th House of Home and Family, an area where you'll need to make renovations and readjustments. Practicing patience is paramount with the cautious Cancer New Moon on July 19. Observe more and say less, because serious Saturn's square to this lunation requires emotional restraint; careless words can undermine trust.

Financial issues grab your attention as excessive Jupiter, in your 2nd House of Money, clashes with Saturn on July 20 and flows smoothly with futuristic Uranus on July 22. Any stabs of fear or doubt you experience are quickly followed by bright new ideas for maximizing your resources. The Sun's shift into dramatic Leo on July 22 adds to the wave of creativity pulling you to success.

Keep in Mind this Month
When circumstances call for an immediate response, slowing down to think things through is essential for making the best decisions.

Key Dates for Taurus

July 8-9: Sixth Sense
Use sensitivity instead of strength on July 8 as muscular Mars skids into a slippery quincunx with empathic Neptune. Forcing an issue will only push you off target, wasting time and energy, while using your intuition can show the way around obstacles. You could receive misleading information from a usually reliable source on July 9, due to the Sun's anxious aspect with spacey Neptune. Take time to sort it all out rather than jumping to conclusions.

July 17-18: Hazardous Work Conditions
You struggle to maintain harmonious relationships on the job while irrepressible Mars is charged up in your 6th House of Employment. His friction-free trine with boundless Jupiter on July 17 gets the day off to a high-energy start that encourages big plans. However, you're quickly pulled back down to earth as a forceful Mars-Pluto square demands that you concentrate on one essential task. Conflict may ensue, especially with an irresolvable quincunx between philosophical Jupiter and extreme Pluto on the July 18 that widens the gap between contrasting belief systems. An edgy opposition from Mars to volatile Uranus could cap things off with an outburst of anger. If everyone involved can remain tolerant, unconventional ways of addressing issues can produce surprisingly rapid results.