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March 2012 Taurus Horoscope

Delicious distractions

Your heart opens to love this month -- and your mind wanders off into dreamland. The gifts of joy and attraction come from alluring Venus' entry into Taurus on March 5. Her four-week stay in your sign is a time to indulge yourself in pleasure, soak up sensual delights and earn more appreciation from others.

Yet, while you slow down to sip the sweetness of life, inquisitive Mercury races into brash Aries on the March 2 to provoke impulsive thinking. Communications can be especially complicated because Mercury turns retrograde on March 12 and slips back into surreal Pisces on March 23, helping you revive old dreams before turning forward again on April 4. While you're enjoying the taste of life's most delectable fruits, you could also be missing messages or messing up data that requires more careful attention.

The Virgo Full Moon lights up your 5th House of Play on March 8, reinforcing your desire for fun and your yearning for creative self-expression. You'll find the balance between supporting others and fulfilling your own needs shifting. Pleasure, though, is not a privilege; it's an essential key to your happiness and well-being.

You are blessed by a trine between beneficent Jupiter in Taurus and powerful Pluto in Capricorn on March 13. This favorable alignment helps you stretch your resources, including time and energy, allowing you to have plenty of recreation but still get your work done. The Spring Equinox on March 20 is when the Sun enters Aries, starting the astrological year in your 12th House of Endings. Be sure to clean up unfinished business before you tackle anything new.

Keep in Mind this Month
Even if pleasing yourself is a priority, don't become so preoccupied that you fail to meet your other responsibilities.

Key Dates for Taurus

March 13 - 14: The Force Is with You
Luck is on your side as propitious Jupiter and your key planet, Venus, unearth hidden resources with their happy trines to resourceful Pluto on March 13. You're able to transform losses into gains on March 14, when magnetic Venus makes her annual conjunction with Jupiter. This good-fortune union is enhanced by favorable trines to dynamic Mars that complete a stabilizing Grand Earth Trine, giving you the drive and graciousness to showcase your talents and increase your desirability. Taking on seemingly impossible tasks makes sense as you tap into a deep well of power with enough confidence to overcome nearly any obstacle.

March 22 - 24: Surprise Wake-Up Call
The Aries New Moon on March 22 sends waves of electricity through your system. Shocking events or perhaps your own longing for change could force you out of familiar patterns. You might not understand the strange things you're feeling, but it's wise not to make any sudden moves. Ideally, the Sun's conjunction with catalytic Uranus on March 24 wakes you up and exposes a fresh perspective that leads you out of a rut. Real change may be ignited in an instant, but requires time to take root. You may be feeling disconnected from others, but it's your chance to obtain some distance to reassess your relationships. Making minor alterations to your daily routine is an easy way to invite change without rocking your world. If you're hungry for more radical shifts, lay a proper foundation before taking a courageous leap.