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November 2011 Taurus Horoscope

Building to a crescendo

Although friends, family, and coworkers can complicate your choices this month, you have much to gain as you deepen your personal attachments in all areas of your life. The passionate Scorpio Sun illuminates your 7th House of Companions until Nov. 22, when it enters inspirational Sagittarius and your 8th House of Deep Sharing to continue the relationship theme.

Communication plays an enhanced role in your love life, because talkative Mercury travels alongside romantic Venus for much of the month. They both enter Sagittarius and your intimate 8th house on Nov. 2, and your perceptions are colored by your desires until the two go their separate ways. On Nov. 24, Mercury turns retrograde in Sagittarius, followed on Nov. 26 by Venus' entry into ambitious Capricorn. The love planet may become more serious in Capricorn, but your emotional needs continue to intensify as she edges closer to the shadowy mysteries of Pluto for the rest of the month.

The Taurus Full Moon on Nov. 10 may be the culmination of something you began earlier in the year, and a transformational quintile between wise Saturn and resolute Pluto adds even more power to this lunation. Your enthusiasm is fortified with unrelenting stamina as physical Mars in your 5th House of Creativity creates a Grand Earth Trine with Jupiter and Pluto from Nov. 16 - 23. The adventurous Sagittarius New Moon on Nov. 25 is a Solar Eclipse that marks a major turning point by breaking restrictive ties, freeing you to move into the future less encumbered by your past.

Keep in Mind this Month
If you fall short of a goal, don't waste energy on feeling discouraged. Instead, pick up the pieces and get ready to try again when the time is right.

Key Dates for Taurus

Nov. 2 - 3: Fun and Games
You're ready for something new on Nov. 2 when Mercury the Messenger and Venus the Lover both trade in Scorpio's intensity for Sagittarius' sense of adventure. Together, they form an easy trine with zany Uranus on Nov. 3. Although this can generate real excitement, stir sudden attractions, and provoke fun-loving mischief, it can also worry you Bulls who might prefer a calmer and more bucolic day.

Nov. 24 - 27: Hold on to Your Hat
Everything is turned upside down when Mercury in your 8th House of Transformation begins its three-week retrograde phase on Nov. 24. This reversal of the communication planet in Sagittarius, the sign of big ideas, can make holiday planning a bit more complicated if you don't check your list twice. On Nov. 25, the idealistic Sagittarius New Moon Eclipse, also in your 8th house, acts like a reset switch, indicating an intentional break from the past. Venus squares unsettling Uranus on Nov. 26, putting you on edge. Fortunately, your enjoyment is greater than any headache, for delicious Venus smoothly trines jubilant Jupiter on Nov. 27, assuring a happy conclusion to a hectic few days.