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October 2011 Taurus Horoscope

Sensory overload

Your success this month depends on your ability to set boundaries and manage your appetites, because extravagant Jupiter commands the spotlight while retrograding through your sensible sign. You naturally gravitate toward leadership positions when the giant planet slowly backs into a powerful trine with shrewd Pluto on Oct. 28 -- the second in a series of three. Although you usually know better, on Oct. 3 an enthusiastic Mars-Jupiter square entices you to promise more than you can deliver.

On Oct. 7, an enjoyable trine between delightful Venus and poetic Neptune raises your fantasies to new heights as you dream about professional success and personal fulfillment. But the complexity of relationships becomes all too apparent on Oct. 9 when Venus dances into impassioned Scorpio and your 7th House of Partners.

You may attempt to hide your intentions on Oct. 11 when the enterprising Aries Full Moon falls in your 12th House of Secrets. But your exuberance is resurrected by Jupiter's oppositions to Venus, Mercury and the Sun on Oct. 14, 17 and 28, respectively. The all-or-nothing Scorpio New Moon on Oct. 26 also engages in this cosmic tug-of-war with opulent Jupiter to test your ability to practice moderation amid the temptations of the flesh.

Keep in Mind this Month

When life seems easy, danger lurks in the form of overindulgence and laziness. However, focusing on specific goals can help you to continue to grow.

Key Dates for Taurus


Oct 10 - 14: Head over heels

Your nerves are all jittery on Oct. 10 when magnetic Venus, now visiting intense Scorpio, is zapped by shocking Uranus. You could fall in and out of love so fast that your head spins. This sense of urgency intensifies with the rowdy Aries Full Moon on Oct. 11. Normally, emotions start to settle as the Moon wanes, but Venus in your 7th House of Relationships sextiles potent Pluto on Oct. 13 and opposes boisterous Jupiter on Oct. 14, keeping the energy level high and tempting you with sensual delights.

Oct 28 - 31: Trick or treat

You may receive assistance from a secret ally on Oct. 28 when the Sun supportively sextiles intense Pluto on the same day as generous Jupiter enters the picture. These aspects offer you an opportunity to successfully put a long-term plan into operation. But hang on to your common sense, for beautiful Venu's confusing square to elusive Neptune on Oct. 31 can lead to disappointment if you waste energy chasing impossible goals.