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April 2012 Virgo Horoscope

Forward march

You're ready for a fresh start this month as two key planets turn direct. Communicative Mercury makes its forward shift in your 7th House of Partners on April 4, helping you accelerate negotiations, initiate new contacts and present your ideas with panache. Enthusiastic Mars recommences direct motion in your sign on April 13 to pump you up with adrenaline and infuse you with extra energy. This cosmic boost tells you to be more physically active and assertive in pursuing your goals.

Yet even before this happens, you may find yourself in the spotlight when magnetic Venus enters your 10th House of Career and Responsibility on April 3. This charming planet's presence in multitasking Gemini can scatter your attention in several directions, making it difficult to set priorities. It is possible, though, to add new interests and skills to your professional life, as long as you have the flexibility to work on several projects at the same time.

Money concerns may surface with the indecisive Libra Full Moon on April 6 activating your 2nd House of Resources. Uncertainty about a financial decision could keep you on the fence, but it's probably best to bide your time and think things through a bit longer before you jump into action. Don't let an impatient person push you to make a commitment before you're ready.

Mercury zips back into excitable Aries and your 8th House of Deep Sharing on April 16 to attract fast talkers who can make ordinary events sound like emergencies. The Sun's entry into stable Taurus on April 19 is another reminder to trust your instincts and advance at your own pace.

Keep in Mind this Month
Be kind to yourself. Rewards and recognition will continue to motivate you long after criticism has lost its usefulness and turned self-defeating.

Key Dates for Virgo

April 12 - 13: Sort It Out
Getting what you want from others, including simple courtesy and fair treatment, isn't easy on April 12, but an insecure Mercury-Saturn quincunx suggests that you might interpret even good news as bad. This could make you nervous, especially when Mars turns direct in hardworking Virgo on April 13. There are knots of miscommunication you must untangle before you feel free enough to move forward. However, your willingness to engage in complicated negotiations could do the trick.

April 19 - 22: Clear Sailing Ahead
The Sun's entry into reliable Taurus and your 9th House of Big Ideas on April 19 lays down a solid foundation for your future plans. Investing in education and travel enriches your mind with a wider perspective that helps you grow both personally and professionally. But you may struggle to put together all the pieces when fact-based Mercury clashes with restless Mars on April 20, tempting you to take on peripheral issues instead of concentrating on essential concerns. Happily, a healing trine between Mercury and the integrating North Node of the Moon on the 21st reduces friction and gets information flowing more easily. Additionally, a well-aspected Taurus New Moon inspires your thinking and reenergizes your ambitions. On April 22, a brilliant Mercury-Uranus conjunction excites you with original insights that hasten your desire to make your next move.