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January 2012 Virgo Horoscope

Prudent play

Although the year starts with the Capricorn Sun in your 5th House of Fun and Games, you have good reason to apply some self-restraint. Be careful about initiating creative projects and romantic entanglements while the Sun travels through this conservative sign until Jan. 20.

Energetic Mars' retrograde turn in methodical Virgo on Jan. 23 is not a stop sign, but should definitely be seen as a yellow caution flag. Rather than giving in to every impulse, analyze new projects or activities to weed out those that will require more effort than you anticipate. Look for emotional support from friends and colleagues around the Full Moon in Cancer on Jan. 9, which lights up your 11th House of Groups and forms a helpful sextile with Mars. Instead of forging ahead on your own or just struggling to maintain your current position, turn to dependable allies who can make these challenges more manageable.

A streak of sweetness warms up your relationships in the middle of the month. Romantic Venus floats into imaginative Pisces and your 7th House of Partners on Jan. 14, aligning favorably with lucky Jupiter. However, work issues move into the foreground when the Sun enters your 6th House of Employment on Jan. 20. Then, on Jan. 23, the futuristic Aquarius New Moon seeds your professional life with innovative ideas to make your current job more interesting or to inspire you to consider a radical shift in your career path. Brainy Mercury, your ruling planet, follows the Sun into your 6th house on Jan. 27, giving substance to burgeoning ideas that can fill your days with excitement and complexity.

Keep in Mind this Month
Think twice before taking on any new projects. Even the simplest ones can grow into complicated tasks that test your patience.

Key Dates for Virgo

Jan. 1: Watch your mouth
You should be relaxing on a holiday, but a tense square between verbose Mercury and contentious Mars is more likely to keep you on your toes. A battle with a family member may arise when words are tossed like firebombs, provoking strong and immediate reactions. Even the most casual statements can set off anger, so speak gently and respond slowly unless you want to create verbal fireworks. Expressing the truth, even when it comes from your heart, can be tricky business unless you can soften your delivery.

Jan. 22 - 23: Greener pastures
An optimistic Sun-Jupiter square amplifies your ambitions on Jan. 22. Aiming higher and seeking more meaning in life are worthy goals, of course, but don't forget that if you raise the bar too high, hope can quickly dissolve into despair. The Aquarius New Moon on Jan. 23 is squared by Jupiter and Saturn, sending mixed signals about how far to reach in work-related matters. Telling off a boss, colleague, or customer can be a costly mistake unless you're standing on solid professional ground. If you have an itch to make your job more fulfilling, starting with a hobby is a way to scratch it without risking your livelihood.