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July 2012 Virgo Horoscope

Cleaning closets

Your ability to maintain privacy and manage details may be tested often this month when your ruling planet, Mercury, turns retrograde on July 14. Long-hidden issues return to the surface, as communicative Mercury's three-week backward period starts in the deep recesses of your 12th House of Secrets. It's better to out yourself by discreetly sharing delicate truths than to keep them to yourself.

Strengthening relationships by building trust can have a positive impact on your finances when assertive Mars enters accommodating Libra and your 2nd House of Resources on July 3. The Full Moon in ambitious Capricorn on July 3 lights up your expressive 5th House of Love Creativity, underscoring the importance of creating new alliances or reinforcing old ones. Regenerative Pluto's conjunction to the Full Moon could bring back a lover from your past or revive a creative interest or talent that's fallen by the wayside.

Commitments to friends and colleagues weigh heavily on your heart with the caring Cancer New Moon in your 11th House of Groups on Key Dates for. Frugal Saturn in your income-related 2nd House of Money makes a stressful square to this Sun-Moon conjunction, challenging you to compromise your feelings in the interest of economic stability. But this is not about shutting your mouth and meekly acquiescing to others; it's about having serious discussions of values and goals to make sure that you and your teammates are pulling in the same direction.

Innovation is encouraged by effusive Jupiter's smart sextile with brilliant Uranus on July 22, yet its tense aspect to methodical Saturn on July 20 suggests that it may take months to turn that vision into reality.

Keep in Mind this Month
The truth is a precious commodity that is valuable when shared selectively—but can cause trouble when it's broadcast too widely.

Key Dates for Virgo

July 3-4: Cut Your Losses
Awkward angles to Pluto from sociable Venus and chatty Mercury knock relationships off balance when this potent planet joins the traditional Capricorn Full Moon on July 3. Yet so-called mistakes may be exactly what you need to recognize that you're not getting the satisfaction you desire. Measuring the joy you receive against the effort you put into pleasing others may cause you to alter your behavior and, perhaps, eliminate someone from your personal life. Fortunately, a smooth sextile between Mercury and Venus on July 4 provides the finesse you need to make changes in the least disruptive manner. A Mercury-Uranus trine also enhances originality, helping you to come up with new solutions for old problems.

July 14-15: Life in the Slow Lane
You get a clear picture of a relationship or resource issue when perceptive Mercury sextiles value-conscious Venus on July 14. This normally fast-moving aspect lingers because this is the day that Mercury stops in its tracks to turn retrograde. Therefore, it may take a few weeks before you can communicate your understanding to others. Delays are also signaled by the Sun's square to show-stopping Saturn on July 15. You could be burdened with obligations or slowed by friends who can't match your pace. Practicing patience produces better results now than being pushy.