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May 2012 Virgo Horoscope

Adjusting your sights

Reconsidering professional goals should be a top priority for you this month. On May 15, Venus, the planet of self-worth, begins her six-week retrograde cycle in your 10th House of Career. Working relationships may become more complicated and financial rewards reduced, motivating you to think about changing jobs.

On May 20, the New Moon in restless Gemini is a Solar Eclipse in your 10th House, reinforcing your discontent at your place of employment. Borderless Neptune's tense square to this Sun-Moon conjunction could leave you exhausted by too many tasks or disenchanted by a lack of ethics in your current position. However, you might become so inspired by dreams of a more fulfilling occupation that you lose focus on the tasks at hand.

Three harsh aspects involving auspicious Jupiter this month also indicate possible radical shifts in your thinking. A partner or associate can spring surprising news when Jupiter forms a stressful semisquare with reckless Uranus on May 7. While this might knock you off course, it could also free you to pursue other interests.

On May 16, Jupiter aligns in an ungainly quincunx with Saturn that makes it difficult to reconcile future hopes with present realities. You will have two more chances to iron out these differences when this aspect recurs on December 22 and March 23, 2013. Lastly, Jupiter's anxious sesquisquare with purging Pluto on May 17 can squeeze out one project to make room for a more important one. However, interactive Mercury's move into your 10th House on May 24 facilitates communication and enhances connections that could offer you more professional opportunities than you can accept at this time.

Keep in Mind this Month
Keeping your eye on your long-term goals helps you make course adjustments that increase your chances of reaching your destination.

Key Dates for Virgo

May 5: Trust in the Process
You can expect weighty conversations today, because a profound Scorpio Full Moon is illuminating your 3rd House of Communication while talkative Mercury opposes heavy Saturn. While you could get stuck with negative thoughts and messages, the point is to respond to fears with a constructive attitude. No, this isn't about putting happy-face stickers on overdue bills; it's about working toward solutions no matter how long it takes.

May 13-16: Heroic Efforts
You're ready for risks on May 13 thanks to a magnanimous Sun-Jupiter conjunction, while a lively Mercury-Mars trine spurs you to action. Yet all four planets are in practical earth signs that support your pragmatic side; your feet are solidly on the ground even as you reach for the stars. Mercury's trine to mysterious Pluto on May 14 is like X-ray vision that permits you to see below the surface and read others' intentions. You may be delayed by a shortage of resources on May 15, when Mars is tangled up with slow-moving Saturn. But that's not going to stop you for long: Macho Mars trines perspicacious Pluto on May 16 to lead you to exactly what you need.