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September 2011 Virgo Horoscope

Information Overload

You may feel like a librarian this month, sifting through torrents of information that flow into your life as several planets continue to rock your rational world. Venus is in no-nonsense Virgo until September 14, tempting you to think that you can logically figure out what you want. The Sun remains in Virgo until September 23, highlighting your need to apply what you learn in a practical manner. The expansive Sun-Jupiter trine on September 2 bombards you with incoming data, challenging you to keep up.

The inspirational Pisces Full Moon on September 12 occurs in your 7th House of Others, bringing dreamers into your life to lure you into the mystical realms of fantasy and feelings where your perfectionism only gets in the way. The tide shifts on the Autumn Equinox when the Sun enters peaceful Libra on September 23, followed by Mercury on September 25. The Libra New Moon on September 27 can be quite stressful as you try to balance your need to create change with meeting your financial and emotional obligations.

Keep in Mind this Month

Try as you might to maintain the status quo, the winds of change are picking up. It's wise now to keep all your options open.

Key Dates for Virgo

Sep 2: Feeling Groovy

You are at the top of your game today as the trustworthy Virgo Sun forms a superconductive trine with jovial Jupiter. Even if you're struggling with unresolved relationship issues, let them go now in order to enjoy yourself. Jupiter is in steadfast Taurus, so any current opportunity must have a practical side for you to consider it further. Rather than lazily basking in the good times, don't be afraid to reach out for a goal beyond your usual limits.


Sep 25 - 28: Keep a Stiff Upper Lip

It's one thing after another these days and you may feel as if you are being buffeted about by rapidly shifting winds. Don't let down your guard -- you could be quickly blown far off course if you don't pay careful attention every minute. Tensions run high as the Sun and Mercury oppose erratic Uranus September 25-27, leading up to the Libra New Moon, also on September 27. This lunation is in your 2nd House of Money, suggesting that unforeseen changes to your income or spending are likely. The Sun and Mercury square Pluto on September 28, pitting your intentions against a ruthless adversary. Don't let a setback turn into self-pity. A positive attitude is your secret weapon now.