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Aquarius: 2012 Predictions for Love

Backward and forward

There are two significant transits involving your 5th House of Romance this year. The first could be a bit problematic because it involves the backward motion of Venus, the planet of love. She begins her retrograde cycle in your 5th house on May 15 and backpedals in this heartfelt part of your chart until June 27. That could slow down or put the brakes on a romantic situation. Yet even if complications arise, this gives you a second chance to pursue a desirable individual.

A longer and more rewarding event occurs on June 11 when expansive and optimistic Jupiter enters Gemini and your 5th house. This outgoing planet's year-long presence in this amorous part of your chart is excellent for upgrading the quality of your personal life. Greater charm and ability to express yourself should make you more attractive to others and provide enough variety to spice up a current relationship.

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