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Cancer: 2012 Predictions for Career and Money

A great leap forward

Boldly advancing your professional interests is probably safer than standing still this year. Revolutionary Uranus has been stirring up changes in your 10th House of Career since May 2010, and begins a transformative series of squares with potent Pluto on June 24 and Sept 19 that recurs five more times through 2015. These aspects can deepen your urges for independence and innovation, which can turn your work life in a radically new direction. Power struggles, extreme pressure, or simple boredom and a bright idea are enough to get you moving forward. When the enterprising Aries New Moon on March 22 and Full Moon on Sept. 29 fall in your 10th house, a crisis or sudden awakening can also provide the impetus to push you into taking action.

While you may be experiencing a period of financial uncertainty, this comes to an end around the proud Leo New Moon in your 2nd House of Income on Aug. 17, which should bump up your confidence. Stability and productivity are additional bonuses with solid sextiles from disciplined Saturn and hardworking Mars that support your creative ideas for making more money.

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