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Capricorn 2012 Predictions

Bringing yourself to light

This year sees you uproot unhealthy habits and uncover underexploited resources -- a process driven by the long, slow march of penetrating Pluto in your sign. This life-changing transit began on Nov. 26, 2008, and will continue its transformational influence until 2023. Your courageous journey of self-discovery is likely to produce surprises when unpredictable Uranus starts a series of formative squares with Pluto on June 24 and Sept. 19, recurring five more times until March 16, 2015. These earthshaking aspects can break through the silence about family patterns and provoke a restlessness that gets you moving. However, the most important changes may not be visible at first as you privately question your place and purpose in the world. Take time to explore the swirling seas of unfamiliar ideas and emotions that are altering your perception of yourself before you abandon any major commitments or make any new ones.

A significant turn on your path commences this year on Oct. 5 when your responsible ruling planet, Saturn, leaves gracious Libra and your 10th House of Career to enter passionate Scorpio and your 11th House of Groups. The weight you've been carrying on your shoulders since Saturn entered your dutiful 10th House on Oct. 29, 2009, may earn you respect and advance your professional ambitions. However, Saturn's entry into your 11th house emphasizes collaboration and cooperation as the primary keys to success rather than the solo flying you've been doing for the past three years. Saturn the Tester in Scorpio could bring you resistant teammates, co-workers, and friends whose emotional issues complicate your relationships. Nevertheless, this transit can also solidify your position within an organization due to your keen ability to identify the skills of others and apply them more effectively. Reliable Saturn's harmonious trines with idealistic Neptune on Oct. 10, and June 11 and July 19, 2013, align reality with imagination, which can help you make your dreams come true.

Optimistic Jupiter shifts from your 5th House of Self-Expression to your 6th House of Service on June 11, marking a time to refine techniques and master the skills necessary to give form to your creative impulses. Jupiter's presence in sensual Taurus for the first half of the year emphasizes the importance of pleasure to maintaining your well-being. Innocent play and childlike self-indulgence remind you of the sweetness of life, which makes all your hard work worthwhile. Opening your heart and following your feelings may not always appear mature, yet trying to impress others when you're not at work can get in the way of having a good time. This is not an escape from reality; it's a joyous and necessary celebration of life. Lastly, expansive Jupiter's stressful sesquisquares to prohibitive Saturn on July 20 and Oct. 15 may slow your ambitions and require adjustments to your long-range plans until this aspect's third and final occurrence on May 20, 2013.

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