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Capricorn: 2012 Predictions for Career and Money

On top of the world

Your organizationally gifted ruling planet Saturn has been reshaping your professional life in your 10th House of Career late in since 2009. You'll continue solidifying your position and taking on additional responsibilities until this taskmaster planet leaves this public part of your chart on Oct. 5. Maintaining harmonious relationships is a key component of securing your work status or climbing up another step of the ladder.

You may encounter delays or even have to take a step backward, though, during Saturn's retrograde period from Feb. 7 - June 25. In fact, a Solar Eclipse occurring in your 6th House of Employment on May 20 is square spacey Neptune, which can lure you into following an unproductive fantasy or deplete you with ill-defined tasks. This energy-shifting event reminds you to be more sensitive to your physical, mental and emotional limits, instead of driving yourself with relentless disregard of your personal needs.

You're struck by a brand-new moneymaking idea on July 22, when innovative Uranus, the ruling planet of your 2nd House of Income, is supported by a sextile from enthusiastic Jupiter. However, this occurs while mercantile Mercury is retrograde in your 8th House of Shared Resources, complicating business partnerships.

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