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Leo: 2012 Predictions for Career and Money

Window of opportunity

You have an extraordinary opportunity to put your charm to work this year, but rather than dreaming up new ways to increase your cash flow, you might go back and attempt something you've already tried when action-hero Mars retrogrades in your 2nd House of Income from Jan. 23 - April 13. Resourceful Venus' visit to your 2nd house from Oct. 3 - 28 might also bring a new stream of income.

Bountiful Jupiter spends the whole first half of the year in your 10th House of Career, magnifying your public profile and increasing your professional good fortune until June 11. Be ready to say yes if you're presented with a professional offer around March 13 and 14, when valuable Venus conjuncts Jupiter in sensible Taurus to complete a stabilizing Grand Earth Trine with wealthy Pluto and enterprising Mars. If nothing appears to be coming your way, create your own lucky break. But don't rest on your laurels, for Jupiter spends the second half of the year in your 11th House of Dreams. Take the accomplishments of the first part of the year and broaden your vision to include a long-term view of success.

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