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Sagittarius 2012 Predictions

Beyond the limits

This is a year of progress, and what you accomplish during the first half can prepare you for the important people who enter your life during the second. Your key planet, Jupiter, is the magnifying lens of the heavens; you can confidently expect things to grow wherever it is traveling in your chart. Expansive Jupiter is in stable Taurus and your 6th House of Daily Routines until June 11, bringing opportunities at work and success from the little things that you do while managing mundane tasks. Although you may feel constrained by a regular job, showing up every day and giving it your best now will bring rewards later.

Meanwhile, warrior Mars in your 10th House of Career until July 3 arouses your fighting spirit and will to get ahead. But Mars is in hardworking Virgo, indicating that you can channel your aggressive behavior into carefully constructed strategies instead of blindly pushing forward. However, Mars is retrograde from Jan. 23 until April 13, impeding your progress and forcing you to work even harder to achieve your goals. It's crucial to recognize what's holding you back, manage your frustration, and keep your eyes on the distant prize, rather than allowing yourself to become discouraged if success takes longer than expected.

You're less inclined to go it alone once Jupiter shifts into restless Gemini and your 7th House of Partnerships and Public Life on June 11 for a year-long stay. All types of relationships are favored during this phase, and although this is not exclusively about romance, love can flourish when you share common goals with your partner. It's also easier now to negotiate business arrangements with supportive people who can help you achieve success -- as long as you're motivated by mutual benefit and growth, not personal greed. Instead of pretending that you have all the answers, allow your openness to learning to attract someone who shows you how to go beyond whatever limitations you previously accepted.

You continue to struggle over when to include others on your journey and when to set out alone as deliberate Saturn continues its visit to objective Libra and your 11th House of Friends and Wishes. Although you take your obligations to groups or organizations more seriously than ever, you also must learn how to set boundaries as you clarify your long-term goals and recognize where they diverge from everyone else's. On Oct. 5, Saturn's entry into emotional Scorpio and your 12th House of Endings starts a two-year process of finishing old business, clearing away obstacles, and eliminating that which hasn't lived up to your expectations. Solidifying Saturn forms a harmonious trine with visionary Neptune on Oct. 10, enabling you to creatively balance your ideals with the realities of your current situation. You must demonstrate patience and hard work if you hope to be ready for the major new cycle of ambition and accomplishment that begins on Dec. 23, 2014, when karmic Saturn enters your sign.

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