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2013 Career Horoscopes

Following instincts

Expansive Jupiter, the luckiest planet in traditional Astrology, begins the year in diverse Gemini. This encourages professional growth by developing communication skills, dabbling in additional income-producing activities and maintaining a flexible and open mind. The opportunities presented by Jupiter come when we're willing to consider a variety of perspectives rather than narrowing our thoughts and observations. That changes when this giant planet enters security-conscious Cancer on June 25. Its one-year stay in this sensitive sign favors employment in the food and hospitality industries, personal care services and real estate. Following one's instincts and making personal needs the foundation for career choices will be rewarded during this 12-month period.

Jupiter arouses visions, but it's serious Saturn that turns them into reality. This responsible planet entered emotionally powerful Scorpio last October and will remain there throughout 2013. There's nothing casual about this sign, indicating that holding on to one's professional status or climbing the ladder of success will take an extra dose of commitment this year. Yet ambition that's not rooted in feelings is unlikely to prove productive with both Jupiter and Saturn in emotional Water signs. Feelings are very important in professional matters, as sensitivity to others and an honest connection to one's own desires are key elements required for success.

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