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Aquarius 2013 Predictions

One step forward, two steps back

You're caught in complexity this year, Aquarius, because revolutionary Uranus awakens your mind to fresh ideas and new ways to communicate as it continues to occupy your 3rd House of Information and Education. At the same time, however, a powerful series of squares between your ruling planet Uranus and potent Pluto that began last year pressures you to avoid taking risks and exploring unfamiliar territory. These contradictory aspects occur on May 20 and November 1, with the complete series of seven squares ending on March 16, 2015. Fortunately, if you're willing to face your fears, you could discover that some aren't real and that you can finally let them go. Self-awareness is essential to recognizing the beliefs that stand between you and success, empowering you to eliminate unproductive attitudes from your life. You'll be ready to take action and break free from the past with the arrival of spring, for Uranus is joined by energetic Mars on March 22, by the Sun and Venus on March 28, and by perceptive Mercury on April 20. Even if you're unable to make a radical move during these chaotic times, you can catch glimpses of a more exciting future that's worth pursuing later.

Working with purpose

Opportunities for personal growth abound as Jupiter visits your 5th House of Self-Expression, bringing out the playful kid in you. On June 25, visionary Jupiter enters your 6th House of Employment to increase opportunities for professional growth and add meaning to your work. A strategic perspective allows you to step back from the daily grind to reassess your skills and determine how to apply them more effectively. Greater efficiency in your current workplace is likely, but this new awareness of your abilities can also inspire you to seek additional training and aim for a more rewarding position. Wise Jupiter's presence in emotional Cancer awakens strong feelings about how you serve others. If you're stuck in a dull and lifeless situation, this transit triggers a desire to change your career trajectory. Security comes from following your highest instincts instead of fearfully holding on to a job that pays your salary but robs your soul.

Realism, resources and responsibility

Skepticism can close minds and cynicism darkens hearts, yet tempering high hopes with a dash of doubt and humility will do wonders for you this year. Heavy-handed Saturn in scrutinizing Scorpio occupies your 10th House of Career and Public Life, weighing you down with extra responsibilities. Therefore, a more discriminating sense of judgment helps you to avoid taking on obligations that aren't worth the time and effort required to fulfill them. This comes in very handy when optimistic Jupiter squares impulsive Uranus on August 21 and you're tempted to take a giant leap without fully considering where you will land. Fortunately, you're given a more strategic perspective when well-balanced Jupiter-Saturn trines activate your work-related 6th and 10th houses on July 17 and December 12, motivating you to make a serious career decision. Your assessment of where it's appropriate to expand and seek opportunities and what you must do to strengthen your skills to support these ambitions should be right on target.

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