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Aquarius 2013 Career Horoscope

Creativity flows

Let your creativity flow with expansive Jupiter in your 5th House of Self-Expression until mid-June. This optimistic planet adds enthusiasm to your presentations and originality to your ideas. If you come up with one that is rejected, you'll probably find an even better one to propose. Jupiter's presence in adaptable Gemini signals the possibility of approaching tasks in a variety of ways and helping you to adjust what you say and do according to the audience you're trying to influence.

Jupiter's entry into personal Cancer and your 6th House of Employment in mid-June starts a 12-month cycle of increasing opportunities on the job. While this could upgrade your status in your current line of work, it can also be a time to get training in a different field. Being emotionally connected to what you do is a key to making either approach effective.

Responsible Saturn will be in your 10th House of Career all year, which is both the good and not so good news. The downside is that you may be burdened with duties that wear you out and don't live up to your ideals. The upside is that you can earn respect and status by going the extra mile to tackle tough problems with patience and persistence.

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