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Aquarius 2013 Love Horoscopes

Play First, Work Second

It is easier for you to be in a relationship when you're feeling young and playful this year. With lucky Jupiter in your 5th House of Romance until June 25, pursuing love for pleasure or playing the game can be just fine. But you are likely to retreat or bail if you feel stifled, especially on January 12, February 11, March 28, June 12, July 7, August 26 and November 14.

Your long-term goals begin to shift on June 25, when confident Jupiter enters your 6th House of Work and Service. Opportunities to meet someone through your job or engaging in a hobby are likely to increase. This part of your chart is also associated with health, reminding you that taking care of your body will make increase your vitality and make you more desirable to others.

Feeling nurtured by what you do on a daily basis provides a foundation of comfort that can reduce friction in relationships. Nevertheless, your rebellious attitude could come out on July 27-31, September 9-14 and December 25. Keep in mind that hiding your needs now will only create more trouble down the road. It's best to keep your thoughts out in the open; real intimacy comes from honest communication about subjects that engage both you and your partner.

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