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Aries 2013 Horoscopes

Blazing new trails

Your zodiac sign is on the cutting edge of change due to dramatic Uranus' entry into your fiery sign on March 11, 2011, a transit that lasts until May 15, 2018. This electrifying planet will shake, rattle, and roll with surprises, breakthroughs, and discoveries that are bound to keep you on your toes. Fortunately, your pioneering sign is made for exploring new ideas and experiences that will lead everyone else into the future. You tend to find change exciting, but it can be uncomfortable for others to be prodded into letting go of stale habits and outdated concepts. It's up to you to blaze trails into unfamiliar territory, and you will continue to do so this year.

There are, however, two key periods when you must exercise extreme caution: Rebellious Uranus slams into tense squares with punitive Pluto on May 20 and November 1. Your margin for error is reduced within a week of these dates, making radical moves dangerous. Carefully consider the consequences, because once you've taken action, there may be no going back. On the positive side, these powerful transits can intensify your efforts and provide the force you need to overcome stubborn obstacles.

Revelry and roots

You may not have to venture far to connect with new people and open your eyes to fresh ways of thinking. Expansive Jupiter is in clever Gemini and your 3rd House of Immediate Environment for the first half of the year, increasing curiosity, spurring spontaneous conversations, and brightening most days with little discoveries that put a knowing smile on your face. Philosophical Jupiter then shifts into caring Cancer and your 4th House of Roots on June 25. A deeper understanding of the family patterns that have shaped your behavior helps you recognize unconscious beliefs that may be hindering your progress. Diving into the emotions in which these memories are buried can leave you feeling vulnerable, but the process can also reward you with newfound clarity about your aspirations and how to fulfill them.

Play well with others

It's especially important to uncover the motives and desires hidden deep in your psyche with scrupulous Saturn's presence in penetrating Scorpio and your 8th House of Intimacy. This relationship-transforming transit began in October 2012 and will continue through 2014, testing your resolve when dealing with personal and professional partners. The greatest challenge is to be honest with yourself about what you want and what you're willing to give in order to get it. You probably prefer being relatively independent, not relying on others for much of anything. However, you can't discover the full potential of your relationships until after you realize that you can gain more love, money, and satisfaction by combining forces with passionate and powerful allies.

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