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Aries 2013 Love Horoscope

Hot and cold

Your path to true love is complicated. That's because your need for independence can lure you away from the security of love as rebellious Uranus continues its seven-year visit to your sign. Warrior Mars is your key planet, encouraging you to fight for what you want. You start the year with an extra dose of optimism as Mars trines lucky Jupiter on January 4. But a frustrating Mars-Saturn square on January 7 tells the other side of the story. Again, love is smooth on February 10, followed by hard work on February 16. A mad dash for freedom on March 22-26 is followed by restraint on May 1.

The tug of war between the desire for love and the lure of escape begins to settle down when opportunistic Jupiter enters your 4th House of Emotional Security on June 25. Take advantage of your domestic tendencies through July 22 by considering the needs of your partner instead of only focusing on your point of view. Change is in the air on July 22-31, but you may feel restricted by social rules or your partner on September 9. Making a long-term commitment could be tempting around October 31, while schemes of breaking free add stress to a relationship on December 24-30. Ultimately, all the extreme emotions you feel this year might add stress to your love life, but also can strengthen a relationship that's worth keeping.

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