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Cancer 2013 Predictions

The brink of evolution

You can't hide from the powerful changes that continue to rock your world this year. In the past, you might have found safety by withdrawing into your protective shell, but now you must step outside the security of your home and family to engage the transformational forces that are asking you to evolve. Your sign is known for its tendency to hold on to the past, but intense pressures to break away from the status quo began when revolutionary Uranus formed dynamic squares with relentless Pluto on June 24 and September 19 of 2012. Your personal journey of metamorphosis continues to surprise you as the recurring Uranus-Pluto squares on May 20 and November 1 shake things up.

You are likely to become more deeply involved in a professional or personal relationship that has a compulsive element to it, since Pluto is in your 7th House of Partners. Pluto's regenerative process can overwhelm you at times, because something must come to an end before the new cycle can begin. It's futile to resist the pressure to change, but things should work out for the best as long as you're willing to meet others halfway.

Unexpected twists and turns on your career path are likely consequences of your entanglement with an influential person with unconventional Uranus holding court in your 10th House of Public Responsibility. You'll see better results working with others toward a common goal rather than fighting against them on your own. Remember, although this long-lasting evolutionary process extends through 2015, it's easier to address the issues as they arise than to wait until a crisis forces you to change.

Silver linings

Fortunately, benevolent Jupiter enters your sign on June 25 for a yearlong visit, blessing you with a new wave of self-confidence. Your optimistic attitude enables you to see the positive potential in even the most challenging situations. You can maximize the upcoming opportunities by finishing up old business during the first half of the year when Jupiter is still in your 12th House of Endings.

Although you're typically more comfortable waiting for something to happen and then reacting, Jupiter's shift into your 1st House of Self gives you more control over the events of your life. Circumstances are particularly favorable for turning your fantasies into reality when Jupiter forms a highly favorable Grand Water Trine with visionary Neptune and ambitious Saturn on July 17. A project or relationship that starts now could grow more permanent when the strategic Jupiter-Saturn trine recurs on December 12 and May 24, 2014. However, you may be tempted to take on more than you can handle or get involved in an unnecessary conflict when Jupiter triggers the lingering Uranus-Pluto square on August 7 and August 21.

Within the limits

Taskmaster Saturn, traveling through your 5th House of Self-Expression this year, requires a measure of self-discipline. Learning to say no to pleasurable distractions demonstrates your depth of character and improves your chances for success. Saturn's harmonious trines to imaginative Neptune on June 11 and July 19 help you establish a workable balance between your unreachable dreams and what's actually attainable.

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