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Cancer 2013 Career Horoscope

Your time to fly

2013 has promise to be a memorable year for your career. The primary reason is that lucky Jupiter enters your sign in mid-June, which provides vision, optimism and opportunity to advance in your work. However, there are some complications possible in the first half of 2013 that can have you spinning in circles, feeling confused or underappreciated. That's Jupiter's time in your secretive 12th House of Privacy, when you may feel more like retreating than taking on new challenges.

Finishing old business is a good way to use this period, as doing so will free you to be more assertive when Jupiter enters Cancer. You also get support now from serious Saturn in sister Water sign Scorpio. This responsible planet occupies your expressive 5th House of Creativity throughout the year. It signals the need to be very well prepared before making any meaningful presentations, and to be patient after you've made your pitch.

There's an inspiring pattern in mid-July, when passionate and pioneering Mars joins Jupiter in Cancer and both form favorable angles with realistic Saturn and dreamy Neptune. It's an excellent opportunity to put your vision into action, or to pull together ideas and emotions to make an inspiring picture that can lead you to professional fulfillment.

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