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Cancer 2013 Love Horoscope

Bringing it all back home

Your imagination can take you on a wild goose chase while auspicious Jupiter visits your 12th House of Fantasy. Venus, the planet of love, aligns with Jupiter on March 4 and May 28, making it difficult to balance your hopes and dreams with your actual situation. But Venus forms a steadying Grand Trine with stabilizing Saturn and spiritual Neptune on June 7, tempting you with the right balance in a relationship between the ideal and the real. Lucky Jupiter shifts into nurturing Cancer and your 1st House of Self on June 25, marking a turning point in your love life and indicating the beginning of a new 12-year opportunity cycle.

Instead of taking risks to get what you want, you are blessed by Jupiter's magical Grand Trine with Saturn and Neptune on July 17, enabling you to find love that supports your desire for activities at home with an emphasis on your family. Opening your heart allows others to nurture you. However, you might experience a few rough spots in August, when Jupiter hits harder aspects with provocative Pluto and erratic Uranus. Patience is your not-so-secret weapon. That's because a fluid trine between expansive Jupiter and restrictive Saturn on December 12 brings clarity to your relationship goals, along with the stamina to turn your daily routine into domestic harmony.

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