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Capricorn 2013 Predictions

Pressure for change

The waves of change that began in 2008 when transformational Pluto entered your sign grow stronger this year, continuing to reshape your sense of identity while leaving few areas of your life untouched. Although sudden shifts on the home front last year may have already forced you to reconsider old assumptions, it's time to create new strategies that can carry you through the current turbulence and into the future.

Unpredictable Uranus began a series of seven revolutionary squares with formidable Pluto on June 24, 2012, initiating a roller coaster ride of self-discovery, full of surprising twists and turns that can turn your world upside down and alter the direction of your life. Uranus in your 4th House of Foundations dynamically squares Pluto for the third and fourth times on May 20 and November 1, 2013, keeping the pressure for change aimed directly at you. It may seem as if the very ground upon which you have built your world is shaking beneath you. Keep in mind as you make any plans that this profound Uranus-Pluto square will recur three more times through March 16, 2015. Your old world may already be just a memory, yet the metamorphosis is not yet complete. Instead of worrying that the current instability is permanent, recognize that you are in a period of unprecedented growth that won't begin to settle down for a couple of years. Trying to resist the inevitable or force events to a finish sooner will only bring frustration and unhappiness.

With a little help from your friends

Fortunately, you can rely on the support of your friends, co-workers, and community as trustworthy Saturn moves through your 11th House of Social Networking. Saturn entered Scorpio and your 11th house on October 5, 2012, shifting your responsibility away from proving yourself in your chosen profession, and toward working with others for the good of all involved. Hardworking Saturn remains in your social 11th house until December 23, 2014, giving you time to consolidate your successes through cooperation and collaboration. Saturn's smooth trines with imaginative Neptune on June 11 and July 19 enable you to turn your fantasies into reality by combining a realistic assessment of current conditions with your most idealistic dreams.

You may not make much progress toward your long-term goals during the first half of the year with Jupiter in your 6th House of Service. Still, you can find a sense of well-being and purpose by fulfilling your day-to-day responsibilities and doing your job as best you can. Expansive Jupiter moves from your 6th House of Self-Improvement into your 7th House of Partnerships and Public Life on June 25, bringing opportunities to you through your interactions with others. This is one more signal that you're less likely to reach professional heights as a solo performer than you are while working as part of a team. In fact, your personal growth may be tied to someone who acts as an encouraging teacher while also being a good partner.

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