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Gemini 2013 Predictions

The future is bright

This year is rich with opportunities for personal and professional growth for you, Gemini. 2013 starts with propitious Jupiter in your sign, where it broadens your self-understanding and expands your vision of future possibilities. This growing perspective on how you might improve your life is likely to produce more ideas than even you can handle. Despite your mental dexterity, if you have too many balls in the air, you're bound to drop one or two. Don't let chance make the choice for you; let go of peripheral activities and interests so that you can focus on the most important ones. You're planting conceptual seeds for career advancement or fulfilling relationships, and if you nourish them with care, they should take hold and show real growth in the second half of the year when bountiful Jupiter enters nurturing Cancer and your 2nd House of Resources on June 25. Projects rooted in reality and watered by your attention can flourish, but ideas and plans tossed in the air without thought and commitment will soon be gone with the wind.

The devil's in the details

Slow down to master the nuts and bolts of your work; your extra effort can make the difference between professional success and failure now. One reason is that your ruling planet, Mercury, has three retrograde cycles in job-related houses this year, requiring you to make some adjustments, dig deeply to keep pace with the workload, and stay on track to reaching your goals. Mercury's reversals occur in your 10th House of Public Responsibility from February 23 - March 17, your 2nd House of Income June 26 - July 20, and your 6th House of Employment from October 21 - November 10. Being especially attentive to details during these periods not only helps you to avoid career complications but can also enhance your authority, increase your cash flow, and upgrade your skills.

Professional perspective

Another reason concentration on the job is so important is that serious Saturn is spending this year roiling deep waters in passionate Scorpio and your 6th House of Service. If you truly care about what you're doing, intensifying your efforts can elevate your expertise. Even the toughest challenges might seem like interesting puzzles for you to solve rather than sources of frustration that stop your progress. But if you're just skimming the surface with a job that doesn't move you emotionally, developing new skills to change your career path is worth consideration. Fortunately, visionary Jupiter's favorable trines with ambitious Saturn and spiritual Neptune on July 17 conjure up pictures of a more fulfilling future. You should be able to connect the dots and recognize how to apply your resources and abilities to climb the professional ladder of success. It is essential, though, that your plan be something you feel strongly about, since mere ideas alone lack the power to make this magic happen.

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