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Gemini 2013 Career Horoscope

There's gold if you dig hard enough

This could be a banner year for your career. It starts with lucky Jupiter in your chatty sign until mid-June. That's excellent for polishing up your image, increasing self-confidence and getting positive responses from others. It can also fire up that fertile brain of yours to come up with numerous solutions to life's many problems. One issue is to avoid making promises you can't back up with facts, commitment or the resources to turn them into reality.

In mid-June, Jupiter dances into your 2nd House of Income, where it can open up additional sources of cash. Small side projects are one way this can happen. Yet even if your personal money supply doesn't grow right away, increasing your skills through further education and training could become a major asset down the road.

Serious Saturn spends the entire year in your 6th House of Employment. The downside is that you may be frustrated in a dead-end job or feel you're working too hard for what you get in return. The upside is that you can earn respect if you commit to a higher level of performance and push through obstacles. You should solidify your position by taking on the tough tasks that others are unwilling to tackle.

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