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Gemini 2013 Love Horoscope

Setting priorities

It's even harder than usual to settle down when expansive Jupiter is visiting your sign because the grass on the next hill really does look greener than what's growing in your field. Unfortunately, you're likely to be disappointed as long as you're distracted by something or someone new again and again. Your restlessness increases when the love planet Venus moves through your 11th House of Social Networking from March 21 through April 15. Venus visits your witty sign on May 9 until June 2, adding to your charm and increasing your popularity. The most auspicious day for romance this year is May 28, when Venus hooks up with lucky Jupiter.

Satisfaction is easier to find once Jupiter enters security-conscious Cancer and your 2nd House of Self-Worth on June 25. You are more comfortable with the idea of making an emotional commitment as Jupiter harmonizes with stabilizing Saturn on July 17 and December 12. However, good intentions may run into an unexpected change of heart on August 21-27. Be flexible and practice patience; a good relationship will emerge even stronger from this stressful period of growth by mid-September. Consciously choosing a path of love can help sustain a romance, even if you encounter rough roads on December 25-30.

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