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Leo 2013 Predictions

A group effort

The year starts with your focus on group activities as expansive Jupiter in chatty Gemini occupies your 11th House of Community until June 25. You'll gain opportunities to advance professionally and to enliven your personal life by participating in organizations and working as a member of a team. Diversity can be a key to your success, since spending time with different kinds of people increases the number of contacts you can call upon as needed. Your desire to become involved in causes isn't necessarily rooted in the purity of your beliefs. Philosophical Jupiter in multifaceted Gemini can inspire a wide variety of interests that are more about the pleasure of being part of a movement than being 100 percent committed to the ideals of an organization itself.

A spiritual journey

On June 25 Jupiter shifts into sentimental Cancer and your 12th House of Divinity, making spirituality a significant theme for the second half of the year. You can develop a deeper understanding of the meaning of your life without necessarily being able to put it into words. Jupiter in Cancer represents wisdom that is emotional rather than intellectual. However, a profound sense of belonging to something larger than the material world can comfort you in inexpressible ways. On July 17, Jupiter forms the most favorable astrological pattern, a Grand Water Trine, with rational Saturn and inspirational Neptune, connecting these planets in the most sensitive parts of your chart. Saturn in your 4th House of Family and Neptune in your 8th House of Intimacy align with visionary Jupiter to create a framework of understanding that helps you appreciate where you are now and hints at where opportunities for growth will come next.

The communication planet, Mercury, turns retrograde three times this year: February 23 - March 17, June 26 - July 20, and October 21 - November 10. These backward periods activate the same houses as the Grand Trine of July, helping you to reflect on the past and untangle old knots of misunderstanding so that you're free to advance emotionally and spiritually.

On the job

A continuing pattern that directly affects your career comes from the challenging squares between revolutionary Uranus in Aries and your 9th House of Beliefs and evolutionary Pluto's presence in Capricorn and your 6th House of Work. The third and fourth of these seven aspects occur on May 20 and November 1 in a slow transformational process that culminates in 2015. These life-changing transits spur deeper questions about your current employment and future professional plans. Pluto in your 6th house represents the intense effort you must expend to stay on top of your obligations on the job; these demands may feel more and more excessive if you're not sufficiently rewarded for what you do. When new interests are sparked by restless Uranus' transit, you might find it more difficult to spend much of your time and energy on tasks that lack meaning. Nevertheless, altering your professional path only makes sense when you carefully calculate the risks involved and methodically plan the steps you need to take before making your move.

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