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Leo 2013 Career Horoscope

The consummate teammate

Friends and colleagues are sources of professional support until the middle of June. Expansive Jupiter will be in your 11th House of Groups until then, which tends to make you a better team player and able to attract more supportive allies. Working for a cause in which you believe is another way to take advantage of this favorable transit in an idealistic part of your chart.

In mid-June, Jupiter swims into sensitive Cancer and your secretive 12th House of Privacy. Its year-long sojourn in this private part of your chart isn't ideal for getting attention. Working behind the scenes is one way to use this time, as is stepping back from your ambitions to take a longer range view of your life in preparation for a more dramatic move in 2014.

Serious Saturn occupies your 4th House of Roots throughout 2013, which requires that problems at home be fixed before pushing ahead professionally. This transit is also a gut check on your vocational aspirations. If you're falling short of your goals, reassess your assumptions and take a good hard look at what you really want. That will help you see what it takes to get it.

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