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Libra 2013 Predictions

It's all about you

Your desire for more fulfilling relationships continues to take you on a journey to the depths of your own being this year. While you'll certainly find moments of contentment, you have much more to gain by reaching beyond the status quo. The transformational squares of electric Uranus and powerful Pluto that began shaking your life last year are back on May 20 and November 1 to keep the wheels of change turning. Stepping into the shadows of your personal history and uncovering buried memories can be a scary process. Pluto's presence in your 4th House of Roots may tempt you to shove uncomfortable feelings out of sight in an attempt to maintain the harmony you value so much. However, bringing these suppressed parts of yourself into the light empowers you personally and professionally. Irrepressible Uranus in your 7th House of Partners keeps you dancing to the inconsistent beat of someone else's heart until you're willing to break free of your people-pleasing mode and focus on satisfying yourself.

Meaning in the workplace

Your personal life is popping with surprises, but progress at work occurs at a steadier pace. Lucky Jupiter settles into your 10th House of Career on June 25 for a yearlong stay, elevating your career ambitions and multiplying your opportunities for advancement. Being comfortable with the mission of the business or organization you work for and with your specific duties is essential to making the most out of this beneficial transit. Jupiter in sensitive Cancer nourishes your soul when your job corresponds with your personal values. You can advance in a situation that doesn't resonate with your life purpose, but the drain on your physical and emotional energies is likely to be greater. Self-employment may be more appealing now, and could work out well if you've carefully studied the situation, are very clear about your goals, and have a well-defined strategy for achieving them.

Pushing the limits

Being gracious is part of what makes you such an amicable person, Libra. You're a natural peacemaker because you know how to remain cool on the outside, even under pressure. However, pushing yourself to be more productive is a good investment of your time and energy this year. There's hard work to be done if you hope to make the most of your abilities with industrious Saturn in Scorpio and your 2nd House of Resources. Your willingness to sweat and strain to maximize your talents can make the difference between struggling to just get by and increasing your income and self-worth. It's time to resurrect talents that you haven't fully developed in the past -- and may have abandoned -- and take them to a new level. It might require some selfishness on your part, though, to put less effort into pleasing others so that you can fulfill your own potential. Visionary Jupiter's favorable trines to ambitious Saturn on July 17 and December 12 grace you with keen professional judgment and the ability to establish a successful long-term strategy, enabling you to lay down the framework for the future.

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