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Libra 2013 Career Horoscope

The hard way takes you further

Look beyond your current location and occupation to find career inspiration in the first half of the year. Fortunate Jupiter in curious Gemini is filling your 9th House of Faraway Places and Higher Education, where you can benefit with travel, learning and by broadening your professional horizons. If you can get some part-time schooling while continuing in your present line of work, it will increase your future employment options.

You have a better chance to move up the career ladder during the 12 months starting in mid-June, when Jupiter enters your professional 10th House. This is a period in which your capacity to deal well with people and your intuition about coming trends can launch you into a higher status. Taking on more responsibilities and handling them with your usual style and grace is a terrific asset that increases your chances for getting ahead.

Managing money and other resources, though, is essential with controlling Saturn in your 2nd House of Income all year. This is about slowly working to increase your worth through personal growth and professional training. While cash flow might slow, the long-term prospects get better when you're patient, thrifty, efficient and learn how to turn self-doubt into discipline.

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