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Pisces 2013 Predictions

Rise above

The magical worlds of imagination and spirituality continue to play a vital role in your life now. Your modern ruling planet Neptune settled into your compassionate sign in February of 2012, and continues to expand your consciousness with its presence in Pisces until early 2025! Certainly other trends will shape your experiences this year, but opportunities to lift yourself above materialism and the practical considerations of your daily routine beckon when fast-moving planets join supernatural Neptune early in 2013. Its conjunction with assertive Mars on February 4 spurs creativity and increases your willingness to set aside your own needs to serve others.

Quicksilver Mercury's hookup with poetic Neptune on February 6 puts imagery in your words that can inspire, heal, or confuse others. Your heart opens to dreams of divine love when the Sun and Venus join Neptune on February 21 and February 28. A key to your success throughout the rest of the year is learning the difference between pipedreams and true inspirations that you can apply in realistic ways to enhance your life.

Your traditional ruling planet Jupiter starts out 2013 in flexible Gemini and your 4th House of Roots until June 25, bringing a more objective perspective to your personal history. Moving beyond the limits of unconscious emotional reactions allows you to think rationally and make more intelligent choices for yourself and your loved ones.

Fantasy and reality

On June 25, jolly Jupiter enters cuddly Cancer and your 5th House of Self-Expression to encourage creativity, romance, and childlike innocence. The giant planet's harmonious trines with responsible Saturn on July 17 and December 12 of 2013, and May 24, 2014, frame your ambitions in a perfect combination of optimism and reality. These strategically savvy aspects also activate metaphysical Neptune in a Grand Water Trine from July 17 - 19. This uncommonly helpful pattern shows you how to merge your personal ideals with your professional goals. This Grand Trine is also the culmination of a series of Saturn-Neptune trines that began in October of 2012, and recur on June 11 and July 19, 2013, further enabling you to balance your real-world ambitions with your secret dreams.

Mind over matter

Saturn, the planet of order and discipline, spends the entire year in emotionally intense Scorpio and your 9th House of Higher Mind; you may find yourself preoccupied with researching the meaning of life this year -- perhaps altering your belief systems or, at least, questioning your religious and political philosophies. Saturn in succinct Scorpio works best when you eliminate intellectual clutter and focus on the core of whatever subject you're studying. The ringed planet is especially useful for identifying limits so that you can see where you're going too far off track. Saturn's favorable sextiles with evolutionary Pluto on March 8 and September 21 provide even more incentive to clean up careless thinking and discard outmoded expectations. This aspect first occurred on December 26, 2012, and its last two transits this year empower you to be a more effective teacher and a powerful advocate for causes close to your heart.

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