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Pisces 2013 Career Horoscope

Think big

The year begins with your generous ruling planet Jupiter in your 10th House of Career. This promises to lift you professionally during the first half of the year. But there is a catch, because this giant planet is in diverse Gemini, which can scatter your attention and distract you from bigger issues by dealing with a million and one minor tasks. Of course, you need to take care of business, but establishing a clear set of priorities will help you manage your time and energy more effectively.

In mid-June, Jupiter enters watery Cancer, a sign that's compatible with yours. This occurs in your 11th House of Groups to gain support from colleagues in your current work situation, or to get some help from friends in finding new employment. Working for a cause in which you believe lifts your spirits, so finding a sense of purpose in what you do can be the key to being nourished by your job.

Stern Saturn is in Scorpio all year and occupies your 9th House of Higher Mind. This transit could indicate challenges that come from dealing with people in faraway places, or running into professional roadblocks due to a lack of education. Saturn shows where the problems are, but this is also the source of solutions. Therefore, broadening your mind with further schooling or training is highly recommended now.

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