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Pisces 2013 Love Horoscope

A net of dreams

You have a rare opportunity to manifest your romantic fantasies this year. Spiritual Neptune's long-term visit to your sign can stir the waters of your imagination, but it's serious Saturn in your 9th House of Adventure that catalyzes your dreams and crystalizes a relationship. The recurring Saturn-Neptune trine began in October of 2012, setting up a pattern that repeats on June 11 and July 19. Realistic Saturn seeds Neptune's clouds of illusion and precipitates your dreams down to earth. Although the magic of your idealistic visions may be lost as they become real, the enduring quality of love grows in importance. Beautiful Venus visits your sign on February 25 until March 21, reminding you to follow your heart's desires.

Venus travels through your 5th House of Romance from June 2 to June 27, and her Grand Water Trine with Saturn and Neptune on June 7 can bring you the gift of love. Jupiter enters your playful 5th House on June 25, increasing the chances for finding love, but it may take some time before you can tell whether you have landed a real relationship or just a reflection of your fantasies. You should have a good sense of where a new relationship is going by the end of August, and Venus' conjunction with karmic Saturn on September 18 could make or break the deal.

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