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Scorpio 2013 Career Horoscope

Slow and steady

Taking your work seriously is clearly an issue with responsible Saturn in your sign now. This transit began last October, and it marks two years when you can take charge of your life. True, the weight of Saturn is considerable and it may present you with obstacles and self-doubt. But when you focus on what's absolutely essential in your professional life you'll get clarity and force that can take you as high as you want to go. It's all about patience and a deep sense of purpose. If you can't find that, just do your job and seek satisfaction in other areas of life.

Expansive Jupiter's in jumpy Gemini, where it attracts inconsistent colleagues until mid-June. Be choosy about who you invest your time and energy with, because even your skeptical mind can occasionally fall for a big talker. Jupiter's shift into Cancer should make the second half of the year more comfortable for you. Its 12-month passage in your 9th House of Travel makes doing business in faraway places and higher education more rewarding.

Take the time to think big in the second half of July, when a Grand Water Trine combines the optimism and faith of Jupiter and Neptune with the discipline and passion of Saturn and Mars. This is a rare event that could help you make your career dreams come true.

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