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Scorpio 2013 Love Horoscope

Playing for keeps

You're not one to be satisfied with halfway measures; you like to go for all or for nothing. Now that karmic Saturn is in your intense sign, your extreme emotions cut harshly one way or the other. But you're not interested in talking a friend or partner into seeing things from your perspective. Fortunately, a series of stabilizing aspects to Saturn empowers you to lay your cards on the table for all to see. It's easier to find common ground when everyone knows what's happening on June 7, as loving Venus sweetens harsh Saturn. Active Mars repeats this dynamic pattern on July 20, enabling you to express your needs via direct action. You can take a risk and ask for what you want from someone special. Just don't be surprised if you actually receive your heart's desire.

On April 25, a magnetic Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse activates your partnership houses (1st House of Self and 7th House of Others) and requires you to leave an attachment from the past behind you. But it's not easy to let go of your feelings, as symbolized by the Lunar Eclipse's conjunction to taskmaster Saturn. Fortunately, you receive help in the form of a Scorpio New Moon Eclipse on November 3. Again, Saturn's proximity to the eclipse means you have hard work to do, but thankfully responsible behavior is rewarded with newfound stability in relationships.

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