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Taurus 2013 Career Horoscope

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Serious Saturn occupies your 7th House of Partners throughout the year, challenging you to be very clear about your expectations and obligations to others. You may encounter hard-to-please people who push you to assess whether working with them is worth the trouble. Think long-term and you will recognize the difference between an alliance that will wear you out and one that will eventually produce the rewards you're seeking.

Generous Jupiter starts out the year in your 2nd House of Income, which is favorable for earning more money and increasing assets by developing your talent and acquiring better tools. There may be some teasing on the financial front because Jupiter is in flighty Gemini, where commitment and consistency are hard to find. Be discerning in your choices to avoid putting out a great deal of effort for a relatively limited return.

In mid-June, giant Jupiter eases into emotionally savvy Cancer and your 3rd House of Communication. This helps to make new contacts or to reconnect with people from your past. The ability to come across in a personal way without becoming overly emotional is key to gaining trust and building alliances. Listening carefully to others allows you to understand their needs and earn trust that is a valuable professional resource.

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